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Reform Our Courts 4 Kids******* 2001 R.O.C.K. America March


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About Us

R.O.C.K. America March!

Reform Our Courts 4 Kids

A Historic Event In Washington D.C.

Friday, July 27th and Saturday, July 28th.

Unfortunately, in the mind of a growing proportion of our population, our countrys court systems no longer reflect their original intent to enforce the law and ensure justice. Instead, our courts are becoming increasingly marked by the corruption and injustice practiced by its officers. A burgeoning body of reports indicate that the written law is often being ignored and that money, power, and influence have become the guiding principles of too many judges and attorneys. Judges, in particular, are rarely held accountable for conducting courtroom circuses rather than proceedings that adhere to the guidelines of the laws. Judges immunity prohibits any real checks or balances on their decisions, and rarely do the boards that review judicial complaints carefully investigate violators actions. The renditions of private citizens who have been thus victimized by the legal system--only a tiny fraction of which gain media attention--are making it increasingly clear that some holding legal authority pay less attention to the law than does the average citizen.

With such corruption infecting our courts, many legal advocacy groups are lobbying for their own agendas, some of which are just as problematic as those espoused by our current system. Therefore, just as it is difficult to distinguish between legitimate experts and those who use sophistry to appear legitimate, it is difficult to discern which activist organizations are truly working "for the people"--all people. Even more difficult to identify are those experts and advocates who truly act on behalf of the best interests of our children. That is why ROCK (Reform Our Courts 4 Kids) America was created.

The ROCK America event will present a smorgasbord of competent and ethical experts and advocates who adhere to high moral, ethical, and legal standards as they help citizen navigate the current court system. Participating groups will have an opportunity to promote themselves, to lobby, network, and exchange ideas and contacts with others.

Confirmed speakers include Richard Ducote, nationally recognized New Orleans-based attorney and child advocate, Dr. Mo Therese Hannah, clinical psychologist, professor, and author, and Trudell H.Van Burkleo, a psychologist and children's advocate, and Irene Jensen. Also representing an organization is Renee Beeker of NAFCJ, and Shelley Andrews of Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats Organization. A special child quest speaker will address being a victim and escaping the system home. Participating groups who so desire may have one of their representatives speak at the event. Other groups are in the process of selecting and confirming speakers.

ROCK America was founded by a mother who experienced first-hand the insensitivity and brutality of the courts. Her Constitutional due process rights were violated when she was unlawfully charged with child abduction and lost custody of her daughter. She overcame homelessness, destitution, and mental anguish to succeed at getting the bogus charges dropped, having the judge's ruling overturned, submitting her appeal pro se, and winning back permanent custody of her daughter. Her case has become precedent setting caselaw. She now spends much of her time and money doing legal research and assisting indigent parents who have unlawfully lost custody of her children. Her goal is to promote meritorious legal advocacy and to assist deserving individuals in find the best legal assistance available. After completing her JD/MSW she will focus her career suing officers of the courts for damages starting with her daughters case. After three years of holding her tongue she may also be speaking out at the event.

ROCK America is a FREE forum for various groups to address a variety of issues in our family courts. Promotional material such as shirts and caps can be pre-ordered and delivered at the march, but it is against park rules to sell clothing there. Bumperstickers, books and other material will be sold at the event. Organizations confirming their participation early will have an opportunity to have their logo on shirts with the logo for the event. This event is an opportune time to:

1. Promote your organization
2. Network with other groups - exchange contacts of the
media, congress, etc. Fundraising ideas, info. related
to your issues, etc.
3. Increase membership
4. Educate the public
5. Help those in need
6. Create awareness
7. Lobby for change
8. Sell items for fundraising (clothing sales not allowed
according to Park rules, however, you could pre-sell
and deliver those items at the event) Books, pamphlets,
and bumperstickers etc. are allowed on Park grounds.
Sales will not be allowed on Capitol grounds as the
exchange of money is forbidden. It is best to
pre-order items by sending a check or money order to
ROCK America P O Box 55 Lake Luzerne, NY 12846. If
there is a case you want proceeds to go towards please
put their name on your check.
9. Sightsee Washington D.C. while you are there.