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Reform Our Courts 4 Kids******* 2001 R.O.C.K. America March


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2001 R.O.C.K. America March Flyer


2001 R.O.C.K. America March

This Summer We Will Present A Special Event.

We will ROCK Our Country As We Demand Our Government To

Reform Our Courts 4 Kids

2001 R.O.C.K. America New Website:

With The Constant Rise In Bitter, "High Conflict" Custody Disputes, We Are Experiencing A Rise In Children Being Harmed By Poor Decisions Made By Often Incompetent, Insensitive & Even Corrupt Courts. We Demand Change.

Join Us In Washington D.C., Friday & Saturday,
July 27th and 28th

With Mother's Day In May, Father's Day In June And Our Country's Freedom July 4th,
Now We Will Demand Our Children's Freedom From The Courts That Harm Them On July 27th & Celebrate The Freedom Other Children Enjoy On July 28th.

Join Us For This Historic Weekend of speeches given by legal, psychological & legislative experts followed by a question and answer period and donation of toys and plush animals for the children fallen victim to corrupt and insensitive courts and aucioni of items for raising funds for individual cases. Request details via email to

Please Include Full Name, Names Of Any Groups (Internet, Non-Profit or Other) You Are Associated With (If You Intend To Represent A Group), Your Address (at least city & state), Number Attending & Means of Transportation (Or If You Have None)

Thank You For Your Participation.




2001 R.O.C.K. America PO Box 55, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

Unfortunately, in the mind of a growing proportion of our population, our country's court systems no longer reflect their original intent to enforce the law and ensure justice. Instead, our courts are becoming increasingly marked by the corruption and injustice practiced by its officers. A burgeoning body of reports indicate that the written law if often being ignored and that money, power, and influence have become the guiding principles of too many judges and attorneys. Judges, in particular, are rarely held accountable for conducting courtroom circuses rather than proceedings that adhere to the guidelines of the laws. Judges' immunity prohibits any real checks or balances on their decisions, and rarely do the boards that review judicial complaints carefully investigate violators'
actions. The renditions of private citzens who havebeen thus victimized by the legal system--only a tiny fraction of which gain media attention--are making it increasingly clear that some holding legal authority pay less attention to the law than does the average citizen.

With such corruption infecting our courts, many legal advocacy groups are lobbying for their own agendas, some of which are just as problematic as those espoused by our current system. Therefore, just as it is difficult to distinguish between legitmate experts and those who sophistry to appear legitimate, it is difficult to discern which activist organizations are truly working "for the people"--all people. Even more difficult to identify are those experts and advocates who truly act on behalf of the best interests of our children. That is why ROCK (Reform Our Courts 4 Kids) America was created.

Friday, July 27, 2001

Is To Honor The Courage of The Children Fallen Victim To Court Abuse; For Awareness & Education On Our Child Unfriendly Court System, What is Needed, What Works, What Doesn't; And To Deman Court Reform For Kids At The

West Front Of The Capitol.

The 27th is focused on the situation in the courts as a whole and how it is affecting children across the country; that this is NOT just a result of local politics or isolated cases. We will be educatating the audience on what the problem as a whole is, as well as other factors that play into it and solutions.

There will also be a question and answer session.