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Reform Our Courts 4 Kids******* 2001 R.O.C.K. America March


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2001 R.O.C.K. America March


2001 Rock America March
This summer we will present a special event
We will rock this country as we demand our government to
reform our courts 4 kids


With the rise in bitter custody disputes and CPS involvement we find an amount of children being harmed by often incompetent, insensitive, biased, and even corrupt courts and related agencies. We have found our children last in the minds of many holding their fate. Our children and the future they will become are in jeopardy.

Our courts and adjacent agencies are inadvertently breeding dysfunctional, wounded and often angry children who are destined to become dysfunctional, wounded and angry adults taking future positions not limited to healthcare providers, lawmakers and enforcers, postal workers, politicians, and parents of the next generation.

We must halt this now before our country is even more of a mess and dangerous as it is now. We must demand change now, not after the next administration or the next. We cannot wait until the last minute like we have with Social Security and Medicare.

We practice preventative medicine and preventative measures to fight drug abuse by our children; its time to prevent what will become of the children of our courts if we dont repair the courts now. We all know the system is bad so the responsible and American thing is to correct it now before it is too late. Stop our countrys founders from rolling over in their graves.

Find the American in you and demand the American in our lawmakers!


Friday, July 27th
Saturday, July 28th

After celebrating Mother's Day in May, Father's Day in June and our country's freedom July 4th, we will celebrate Children's Day of freedom from the courts that harm them on July 27th & July 28th. This will be a peaceful and informative march lead by a variety of ethical, non-radical and relevant groups and speakers selected to match many of our populations growing needs for dealing with our court system.


Washington D.C

Details of this historic event are coming soon. The dates and city are set forth now so that hotel accommodations can be made ahead of time. You can find out details of the itinerary by participating in our ROCKAMERICA egroup.

Would you like to participate?

If your group would like to join us for this historic weekend as well as link up to this website, kindly submit a request detailing your group and its activities.

If you would like to pre-register and be entered in various raffles please send us:

Full name:
Names of any groups you are representing:
Address (at least city & state):
Phone number:
Number in your party:
Means of transportation:

Are you looking for a ride?
Are you able to provide a ride?
You may send this via e-mail

or mail it to:

ROCK America
P O BOX 55
Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

Thank You For Your Participation.
Our Kids Deserve It
Our Country Needs It
We Demand It