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Proposed Bills
Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats Organization


RADD's Back Child Support Bill

Shelley Andrews
PO Box 1355
Lebanon, NH 03766

March 22, 2000

RE: Back Child Support Proposed Bill by Shelley Andrews (c) 2000-2006

Dear Senator or Congressman:
I am asking for this proposed bill to enacted. The are no laws governing the actual payment of back child support. We have to count on the courts to make a judgement for back child support. In most cases the back child support is to be paid back from $5.00 a week or more if we are lucky. When we are talking thousands of dollars in back child support to be paid by in $5.00 a week payments, that is outrageous. There are millions of dollars of back child support that is owed to custodial parents.
I would like to see a law enacted to be set up just like the student loan program. The Dead Beat Parents, both Dead Beat Moms and Dead Beat Dads know they have this child support obligation and have failed making their payments. Why should we as custodial parents have to keep going back to court time and time again asking for our back child support?
As per the Defaulted Student Loan, default occurs after the default has persisted for 270 days in the case of a loan repayable in monthly installments or 330 days in the case of loan repayable in less frequent installments. During the delinquency period, the lender must exercise due diligence in attempting to collect the loan; that is, the lender must make repeated efforts to locate and contact the you about repayment. If the lender efforts are unsuccessful, it will usually take steps to place the loan in default and turn the loan over to the guaranty agency in your state. Lenders may accelerate a defaulted loan, which means that the entire balance of the loan plus principle and interest become due in a single payment.
Once the loan is assigned to a guaranty agency or the US Dept of Education for collection, the following steps may be taken to recover the outstanding balance due: Credit bureaus may be notified and your credit rating will suffer.
The US Treasury may withhold your payments toward repayment
of your loan.
You may have to pay additional collection costs.
Also, you may be subject to Administrative Wage Garnishment,
whereby the Department will require your employer to forward
10% to 15% of your disposable pay toward repayment of your loan.
Federal employees face the possibility of having 15% of their
disposable pay offset by the Department toward repayment of
their loan through the Federal Employee Salary Offset Program.
Finally, the Department may take legal action to force you to repay
the loan.
My proposed bill will not cost the taxpayers money. It will cost the Dead Beat Parents. They will have to pay interest on all back child support that is owed to the custodial parents. They will have to pay for collection fees. They will have a minimum of 10% taken off their disposable income. Also, if they are enrolled in a 401K or retirement employee pay program, the proposed bill will consider this disposable income. If the Dead Beat Parent can afford to contribute to their 401K or retirement plan then they can pay their child support. There will be no statue of limitations with back child support. Back child support is money that should have been paid on a regular basis. Custodial parents have paid bills for the children are owed the back child support with interest.
Child Support Enforcement Agencies already keep track of court ordered child support so when the Child Support Enforcement Agency sees that a non-custodial parent is in default over 270 days without regular court ordered child support or occasional payments within 330 days then the case would be turned over for Administrative Wage Garnishment as above.
Dead Beat Parents both Dead Beat Moms and Dead Beat Dads know they have to pay their court ordered child support. There should be no question about this proposed bill being enacted.
Please let me know your views and concerns with this proposed bill. I am very interested in your thoughts. Please respond to this.


Shelley Andrews
Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats
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NH Senator Lou D'Allesandro is supporting and endorsing RAAD's Back Child Support Bill.