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Contact you local newspapers to get your story and Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats Organization out in the public. It may take a few times to get them to do a story but they will. They most likely will do it as a human interest story.

If you get your story or your letter to the editor, published please send a copy to the President, Shelley Andrews by e-mail at antideadbeat@aol.com or by mail to:
Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats PO Box 1355 Lebanon, NH 03766. We will publish it here!!

First Steps Towards Getting Child Support Written By Shelley Andrews, President of RAAD Published by SingleMomz

First Steps Towards Getting Child Support
Written by Shelley J. Andrews
President of Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats Organization 2001

Get a court order for child support

1. If married filing for divorce ask for a temporary order for child support immediately.

Do not wait on promises from your ex.

1. At the hearing demand a wage attachment. Do not believe your ex's promises.
2. If you were never married to the child's father and he has left, go for an immediate child support hearing. At the hearing demand a wage attachment. Do not believe your ex's promises.
3. Do not be surprised if you ex-husband or ex-boyfriend demands a paternity test. This happens on a regular basis.

Keep records

1. Document everything. His/her complete name, alias, social security number, date of birth, employers name and addresses, friends, relatives names, addresses and phone numbers.
2. Keep all letters from your ex. This may come in handy years down the road.
3. When you get a State Child Support Enforcement officer, get their names and their supervisor's name also. Child Support Enforcement officers change frequently. Make sure to keep up to date on all caseworkers information.
4. When dealing with Child Support Enforcement make sure document all phone calls, date, time you called and whom you spoke with. Also, what took place during the phone calls.

Keep track of all child support payments

1. Do not accept cash. This could be used against you. You could be asked in court if you ever received cash payments for child support. Your ex may have given you $50.00 and he/she might tell the court he gave you $200.00. Depends on the judge who he will believe.
2. Make your ex file his child support payments thru Child Support Enforcement in your state.
3. If your ex pays you before the court order make sure he/she writes in the check memo section child support payment for week 1-1-01 thru 1-7-01 for Amanda and Adam Jones.
4. Maintain a payment journal for all child support payments. This is very important. You will be asked this time and time again by child support enforcement. You will want your information to be right up to date to provide the most current amount paid and what is currently owed to you.

Non-Payment of Child Support is Child Abuse!!!
Deadbeat Parents Need to Become Extinct!!!


Deadbeat of the month contest!

We apologize for the delay in posting Dec & Jan Entries...

December, 1999 "MR BEAT" Winner

Congratulations to " DAVID BRIAN GUEDRY"

Address: 11521 Rochester Apt 4 Los Angeles, Ca 90025
Court Case Number: Cause # 9062091
Amount owing: over $50,000.00ate of Birth:
DOB: 9-23-56
5'10" 160-175 lbs. blondish/brown hair green eyes
My ex owes over $50,000.00 in past due child support. I have been fighting to get the money for my two daughters since 1984 !!! The attorney General's office in Texas is of no help. I have supplied every piece of info that was asked for. This deadbeat moves around a lot. Mainly to Mexico. He is a certified SCUBA instructor (PADI), and an avid sailer. He thinks more of sailing to Belize for 3 months than for paying for his childrens care.
Granted...my girls are now grown. I spent my life taking care of them...as any good parent would do. Thank God for my sweet, dedicated hubby of almost 18 years. Before I remarried things were so bad that I lived in my car.

When David left the state we were living in, he didn't even say goodbye to his daughters. No one knew if he was even alive. I finally tracked him down myself... working of course at a Scuba shop in Florida.

I have written to senators with no real results, we used the services of a private agency that only charges a fee if they collect. Ha! They couldn't collect...they even cancelled the contract.

WHEN WILL SOMEONE MAKE THEM PAY???? Want to reduce the welfare benefits? Make these deadbeat parents pay for their share! And NO...I have never used
welfare...I worked 3 jobs instead! Can someone just stand my ex in front of me for 1 day so I can attempt to inflict a very small percentage of pain on him that he has caused MY daughters? He will never know the pain he's caused. He's too busy "living his own life". David Guedry...nothing but a deadbeat spermdonor!

RAAD Article Written by Christopher Glasgow on Themestream on 11-19-2000 Themestream has since gone out of business. ;(

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