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Children of RAAD
Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats Organization


We have a e-group for children of Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats. Parents must be a active member of Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats for children to join this e-group.

If you are a member of RAAD and your child(ren) want a place to talk with other children that have a Dead Beat Parent then your children are welcome to join. A great place for the children to talk about the downside of not having another parent in their life not helping them thru life finanically or emotionally. Of course they will not stay on the subject but at least they will have at least one thing in common. A great place for them to meet new friends. This e-group is watched by adult members of RAAD to make sure that our children are safe.

If your child(ren) are interested have them e-mail me with your complete name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Remember the parent must be a active member of RAAD before the child(ren) can join Children of RAAD e-group. Click on this message to e-mail me.

Have your children talk about things instead of taking things out on you. If you all join RAAD everyone will be able to help each other out.

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