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Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats Organization


Thank you to our RAAD Sponsors for helping RAAD
in our mission.

RAAD's #1 Sponsor, Jon Michaels
Single Mom-The Song

Jon Michaels co-wrote and sings Single Mom-The Song. Jon is one of six children that was raised by his single Mom. I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting with Jon personally in Nashville, TN, on December 8, 2001 for his CD Release Party. I am happy to say that Jon is a sponsor of RAAD as well as a personal friend of RAAD's President.
Jon did a RAAD benefit concert on June 22, 2002 in NH.
Jon, THANK YOU!!!!  Can't wait until next time. 


Insanity House

Insanity House is raising the collective voice of the Single Parent Community for Social, Economic, and Political change. Single parent households represent more than one third of the family systems in this country, and are raising 20 million children. We are the largest and fastest growing family system in this country, yet we remain the most under-represented within social, economic, political, and legal systems.

Our vision is to empower our strong, creative population, and to unite the voice of single parent families in the United States. Through a unified voice and an empowered community, we will effectively challenge current legislation and change political policy that directly affects our family system.

At Insanity House we also offer opportunities for our community in the areas of information and education so that our families are better able to work within the challenges that come with being a single parent family. We are raising the children of this nation and are doing so with less time and fewer resources than most two parent households.

In our vision, the day will come when honor and recognition will be given to the 12 million single parent families, along with the millions of their supporters, for their strengths, their courage, and their contributions. When social and judicial systems recognize the validity of all family structures, without bias of outdated social norms from an era that is quickly moving into the past. A time where Politicians respect our vote, and hold the position that single parent families are a legitimate family system whose contributions have value to the community, and to this country.


Thank you for supporting RAAD.
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