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Getting Involved
Responsible Adults Against Deadbeats Organization


Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page we present different options to encourage others to get involved in our cause.

Volunteer Your Time

Sign our petition!
March with RAAD in Washington on April 13, 2002.
Wear a gold ribbon to show your support for child support and against Dead Beat Parents.
Get signatures for our petition!
E-mail or write letters to Congressmen, Senators, The President and Vice-President of The USA.
E-mail or write to Newspapers, TV stations and national media.
E-mail or write to talk shows.
Get your personal story published in newspapers or aired on TV.
Make up posters or flyers for RAAD and our mission.
Write to judges who let Deadbeats walk.

We will continue to march at The US Capital in DC until there are no more Deadbeat Moms or Deadbeat Dads.

Our organization's activities. Please see the "Recent and Upcoming Events" page.

Contact US Congress and US Senate:

Click here to contact US Senate

Click here to contact US Congress

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